Arul Dev

Founder CEO

Arul Dev – an Author, Radiant Universal Leader coach TM and Integral Educator, has been in the field of leadership, education and human resources consulting for the last 24 years. An engineer from BITS Pilani, he founded People First Consultants, a human resources consultancy in Chennai, India in 1995, where he plays the role of Founder CEO.

Arul Dev is a specialized Radiant Universal Leader Coach ™ with an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) ™ certification from the International Coach Federation. He coaches select hand picked Radiant Universal Leaders ™ who are a) nearing a state of Universe Centeredness, b) aspiring to create purpose & value centered organizations/ communities that can create some global contribution to humanity through their work and c) intending to accomplish this agenda through transformation of collective culture at micro and macro level. The prerequisite to begin this coaching journey with Arul is that the leader is already at a good degree of competency in their personal mastery and self-awareness.

Arul Dev is a masterful Learning & Development facilitator with a rich industry experience of 24 years. His primary work is enabling leaders to master the art of Self Leadership, Team Leadership and Culture Evolution. In his workshops and interventions, leaders learn the art of becoming self-aware, sensing their inner presence, discovering their life purpose, core values and signature strengths and crafting their personal development plans for inner change and evolution. Leaders reflect and learn how to guide/ inspire their team members to discover their purpose, values and strengths and create a team space where the collective strengths are heightened and balanced. He coaches and mentors leaders to sense culture qualities present in the collective, enable team members to discover ‘sweet spots’ between their individual and organizational values and harmonize culture conflicts that may be present in the organization.

Arul Dev heads the Talent Acquisition division of People First Consultants, a 24-year experienced human resources consultancy. His specialization here is to enable the company’s hand picked clients to grow, by sourcing competent talent who are an asset to the organization’s culture. He drives recruitment excellence for clients in multiple sectors across India.

Arul Dev is a visionary in the field of Integral Education. His mission is to inspire educators and teachers to inculcate Inspiring and Integral Education methodologies in their institutions. He is a guest faculty at IIT Madras for the ‘Self Awareness’ and ‘Integral Karmayoga’ semester courses for the last five years. He is also a guest faculty for SAHGE (Self Awareness and Higher Goals in Education) five-day teachers course in IIT Madras. He coaches and mentors teachers and students to explore the path of Integral Education. His specialty is the experiential labs he conducts on Integral Change, Education and Integral Development.

He is a co-founder of Telos Model, an Integral map and tool of inner consciousness. He is the founder of the Integral Inner Presence Model, InPres ™ tool and InStrengths Individual™, which helps people to become aware of and develop their Inner Presence.

He is the author of the book ‘Into Great Depth of your Being’, which facilitates an inner experience and exploration in Self Awareness and Integral Development.

A visionary himself, Arul Dev is committed to inspiring the purpose and seed potential for visionaries he comes across.