A One-Day Workshop by Arul Dev, Author of the ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ book published by Auro Publications.

For Students (above 10th standard), Parents, Teachers and other Working Professionals

  • Who aspire to find their life purpose and guide others to find their life purpose.
  • Who aspire to bring their gifts into the collectives they are a part of – family, organization, institution, society, country and world at large

Saturday, 9th September 2017, Chennai

A deep inquiry into

  • What is my unique role to fulfill in my lifetime?
  • What is the potential field of work or hobby that draws out my True Self?
  • What field of work and studies can I potentially master and contribute into? 
  • How can I inspire and influence my collective environment?


Majority walks this earth not knowing who they are and what purpose they are meant to fulfill in their life. This majority is often primarily self-centered. They live and die pursuing one form of desire or the other. First it is lollipops, then toys, friends, attractive job packages, family, house, car, old age security and life somewhere ends. However many have no clue what their life all adds up into. The few who make an attempt and are blessed to discover and live their life purpose lead a qualitatively different life, for themselves and others. Their life matters to the society, nation and earth.

The one-day workshop on Finding Life Purpose gives the basis of this path and work. Those who resonate to this could then continue to enquire into this process on their own and through guidance from our team.

Our explorations in this workshop:

  • Choice Making: How we make choices from our surface and deeper self.
  • Discovering Resonance: How to find which subject, work, career and relationships are more in deeper sync with ones deeper self.
  • Deeper Understanding: How to penetrate into the ‘essence’ of different career options – its rhythms, finesse and core nature of work.
  • Inner Connection: How to ask deeper questions and hold it quietly and steadily over time, till there is clarity.
  • Receiving Intuitions: How to keep the mind quiet when needed to receive intuitions.
  • Organic Mastery: How to study and learn about any subject or work, to recognize its core nuances, and absorb it consciously and sub-consciously within one’s self.
  • Osmosis of Mastery: How to curiously connect to exemplars in one’s field of interest so that one absorbs their expertise consciously and sub-consciously.
  • Being Original: How to allow one’s own originality and unique contribution to emerge in one’s field of interest, over time.
  • Flow State: How to transcend self-reference to enter into a flow state of ‘Inner Swara’: ‘Swa’ means Self and ‘Ra’ means Shines. This flow state is where one’s deeper self is connecting to the finesse of one’s field of work.
  • Purification: How to purify and perfect one’s thoughts, energies and emotions, to concentrate.
  • Offering: How to hold an attitude of making one’s work a perfect offering of one’s best talents for the benefit of humanity, other beings and planet.
  • Widening one’s span of identification: How to widen one’s hearts and minds so that one senses, feels and thinks the collective’s agenda as one’s own and contributes towards it.

We will use the following tools for our exploration
• Inquiry
• Dialogue
• Peer learning and sharing
• Visualization
• Sensing distinctly the surface and deeper self

Arul Dev is a visionary educationalist, conscious entrepreneur and a transformative trainer. He passed out from BITS Pilani in 1994. In 1993 he started discovering his own life purpose. In 1995 he formed People First Consultants to make contributions in the field of training, education and human resources. For 22 years he has been fascinated with helping people to discover their life purpose. He is a guest faculty at IIT Madras for the Self Awareness and Integral Karma Yoga courses for students; and the Self Awareness and Higher Goals in Education (SAHGE) course for teachers. He is the author of the book ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ published by Auro Publications. He is now contributing to the ‘Renaissance in India’ project in India.

Workshop Details:
Date & Time: (One-day workshop)
Saturday, 9th September 2017, 9.00 am till 6.00 pm

Aspiration Hall, People First Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
New.No.5, Old.No.3, 3rd East Street, Kamaraj Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 41

Registration Process:
This workshop is fully sponsored for students. Adults can operate according to the concept of ‘gift economy’. The workshop is our gift to you. If you wish, you can contribute what you choose to, at the end of the workshop, towards your participation.
To register you should directly email us your answers to our reflection questions. Based on your responses we will have a short 5 minute telephone call with you and then send an email confirmation. Prior registration is needed to attend this workshop.

Reflection questions:
• What interests you about this workshop?
• Have you begun this search for finding life purpose? Do share briefly.
• Will you be participating for the complete duration of the one-day?
• Are you coming out of your own self-interest for the workshop?
• Share your contact email id and phone number

Our Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]

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