‘Coaching with Depth’ Workshop Certification Program (IIT M & People First)

Arul Dev

9.00 AM - 6.00 PM |Saturday 7th March 2020

Venue: IIT Madras, Chennai

Coaching is an art where the coach fades into the background and the inner being or purpose of the other person we are guiding, emerges forward, leading the conversation



A coach or guide holds safe space for the other…to become aware, discover themselves, celebrate their strengths and deepen their journey to evolve, manifest and contribute. The coach holds a neutral poise and a deep listening and non-judgemental sensing space.

The one-day workshop on Saturday 7th March 2020 provides an experiential understanding on the art of coaching that allows depth for the beneficiary / coachee in the following areas a) Inner Being and Strengths & Purpose b) mastery of work and life and c) contributing to collective vision and culture.

The following tools and the methodology of how to use them will be provided – a) ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ book b) ‘Inner Evolution’ matrix – which shares 64 inner practices for transformation c) ‘Coaching with Depth’ manual and d) Art of doing Inner Strengths profiling.

This is useful for anyone doing formal or informal coaching or who guide inner and outer development of other individuals.

The one day is a stand-alone experiential workshop where all the methodologies and tools of ‘Coaching with Depth’ are offered. A certification will be provided co-certified by IIT Madras and People First Consultants P Ltd.

Once you complete the one-day, you automatically join the ‘Coaching with Depth’ community where there is mutual guidance and sharing.


Post the one-day workshop if someone wants to go deeper, we offer 6 months level 1,2 and 3 certification courses. This is for those who want to learn the ‘Coaching with Depth’ process in depth and get certified. These are available to only those who have completed the one-day and begin to engage with this framework with at least one of their beneficiaries / coachees. These are level 1,2 and 3 workshops each spread over 6 months. These would be primarily held online with a three day retreat in-between. These workshops would be co-certified by IIT Madras and People First Consultants P Ltd.


The ‘Coaching with Depth’ framework is useful for anyone who holistically guides others or is responsible for the holistic development of their team members.

Vision: Create a community of coaches worldwide, who have the capacity to bring ‘depth’ into the coaching conversations. Depth here indicates purpose, core values, inner strengths, mastery at work / roles and connecting to organization’s vision & culture.

We aim to create high calibre Coaches who engage with their Coachees (Beneficiaries) through:

* Facilitating development of inner core (‘Being’).
* Facilitating mastery of competencies to thrive at work, family and in the society (manifesting in the ‘Doing’).
* Enabling them to make their unique contribution to the collective that they are a part of – at its vision, culture and growth levels. (Collective Core)


For trainers, counsellors, coaches, people managers and leaders who are coaching, mentoring or guiding


* Integration of the ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’ – a holistic approach; A unique methodology that integrates the inner and outer, leading to sustained benefits.
* A comprehensive model with 64 combinations as a developmental tool: The “coaching with depth” model leverages 64 combinations of actionables, combining the 8 Parts of Being at an essence and manifest level.  These serve as a unique guide and developmental tool to make changes to one’s thoughts, energy and actions, thus emerging as a unique, tailor made solution for each coachee.
* Innately spot the trigger points: With intense training & practice, the participants sharpen their ability to naturally spot the 8 parts of inner being, develop them, purify them and keenly observe the interplay between them.
* Working from the Inside Out: Integration of the Being with the purpose (core) and with the Doing (attitude/ competencies). This integration extends into the collective and manifests itself across actions.
* Focus on diving to depth: The participants are trained to develop the capacity to move the coaching conversations into depth even if the participants are at the surface, thus enabling real development. This approach results in sustained, positive outcomes.
* A resounding focus on Being and Doing in the present: Both the Coach and the Coachee are trained to be in the present moment using simple and extremely useful tools like natural breath watch.
* Delivering a lasting impact: Participants get equipped to support developmental work not just at the individual but also at the team, organization and collective level.


Good morning. I am using the coaching with depth model pro bono for a person in middle management in the corporate world along with finding his purpose. Seeing very good progress. From totally being confused and dejected with life, he seems have now found a direction. This has given him a lot of confidence. All thanks to the power of coaching with depth by Arul. Trying to now get him to come out of unhelpful ways of thinking and form better habits using the matrix.”

Ramkumar R, Leadership and Life Coach, Participant of May 2019 Workshop


* One-Day Workshop: This will be an experiential awareness session to know the ‘Coaching with Depth’ Model. This will be held in Chennai. This will enable you to already start using the methodology and tools.
* Level 1 Certification: Fundamentals of Coaching
* Level 2 Certification: Mastering of Coaching
* Level 3 Certification: Advanced OD Coaching

Each level will be covered over 12 coaching sessions of 90-minute duration, spread over 6 months. The level 1,2 and 3 will primarily be online with a retreat in-between. On successful completion you will be certified by IIT Madras and People First Consultants.


Arul Dev – the author of the book ‘Into Greater Depth of your Being’ and the architect of ‘Coaching with Depth’ framework. He is the Founder CEO of People First Consultants P Ltd over the last 25 years.   www.peoplefirst.co.in/aruldev/

Arul is supported by co-facilitators from IIT Madras and other associates.


Saturday 7th March 2020 at Chennai.

Contribution: Rupees 3250/-  (Includes the book ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’, lunch, refreshments & GST)

To register for the workshop email: [email protected] | For any additional details call Ph: 98407 55049