Inner Tuning

Arul Dev

9.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m | 12th January, 2019


innertuning‘Inner Tuning’ | Saturday 12th January 2019 | Chennai

A workshop to build self-reliance in sustaining Clarity in the Mind, Abundant life energy, Health and Inner Certitude

Your 8 Parts of Being | Your Tune

Our outer actions and behaviors reflect the quality of consciousness of our Inner Being. Our Being consists of at least 8 parts – physical, life energy (senses, dynamic energy, emotions), mind (objective, creative, integrative) and deeper self.

This experiential workshop allows you to explore

¨      Awareness of your parts of Being.

¨      Distinguishing your being’s enabling and limiting effects on your actions.

¨      Tuning your being, with balance.

¨      Role of Sadhana (Inner Practices) to sustain development.

To register, email: [email protected] 

Course fee: Rs.2000/- (Includes ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ book, lunch, refreshments and GST)