Sadhana (Inner Practices) – Online Workshop

Arul Dev

9 online sessions (each is 105 minutes) | Timing: 8.15 pm to 10 pm IST | 3 Tuesdays of a month | Plus 1 optional | 12 Nov 2019 to Feb 4 2020 |


The course is suited for any individual working through inner change and transformation. A Karma Yogi and an aspirant who wishes to evolve self for the betterment of the collective.


The focus of this course is

* How to become aware of our Inner Being?

* How does it influence our actions and reactions?

*What is the role of inner practices to tune the strengths of our being?

*During real time how can we hold our inner being in a positive state?

The reflection that this course brings into spot light is – Are we ‘horizontally’ growing or ‘vertically’ evolving?  Horizontal growth (more money, titles, big house, material comforts etc.) and Vertical evolution (more meaning, fulfilment, giving, care, clarity, connection, contribution etc.). Not one in the place of the other, but rather a deeper vertical evolution can be brought into any horizontal growth one is bestowed with. Enabling this vertical evolution is the aim of these virtual connects.


This course aims to make Sadhana or Inner Practices simple, joyful and easy. For some forms of Sadhana we need to carve off separate time to do it. For example meditation, journal writing etc. The method of Inner Practices shared in this course needs no additional time. They are to be done in a dynamic way as we live our daily life and do our work. For example watching natural breath for few seconds, hundreds of times each day, while doing normal activities transforms our entire life & work. This course shares dynamic inner practices to give workout to our deeper self, mind, emotion, energy, senses, body and habits.


This course supports individuation of our inner presence and transition from ‘being an individual’ to ‘being an instrument’ of a larger Universal Purpose, Will, Rhythm and Manifestation.


Facilitator: Arul Dev

Contribution: 4500 /- inclusive of GST Plus ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ book – can be purchased through Amazon Contribution could be paid by cheque to People First Consultants P. Ltd. or bank transfer.
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