People First


Increasingly fulfilling authentic value to our clients

Our Journey

From 1995 to 2003

People First was shaped by the principles of material success grounded on ethics & values and a focus on living one’s life based on one’s higher needs. People First chose both recruitment and training services as the business context in which it could live and deliver its higher ideals.


We began working with clients in sectors like Banking, NBFC, Insurance, Automobile, Manufacturing, IT, Shared Services and BPO. Our services included entry level hiring, lateral hiring and campus hiring.


Our workshops were based on behavioral and skill based development. The key trainings we offered were People Management, Results and Time Management, Memory Management and Managerial Effectiveness. We also offered ‘Holistic Management Programs’ for corporates to build their young leadership talent pool to holistically develop to be future leaders of the organisation. These were six month long term intervention based trainings and development sessions.

From 2003 to 2007

During this period we enriched the way we related to our team at People First, by considering them as co-creators for the growth, development and manifestation of the higher purposes of the company. Furthermore, relationships with our clients expanded, became long term based and we partnered with them in building their organisations.


Our industry focus remained the same. We clarified our strategy and started working with select organisations supporting their recruitment needs end to end. This strategy helped us emerge as preferred partners with most of our clients. We also started offering value based services to our clients to support their hiring process like Industry Mapping and Compensation analysis.


Our training programs evolved from skills based programs to behavioral and psychological development. We offered experiential workshops based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for inner development and excellence.

From 2007 to 2014

With gradual deepening and growth of our company, we awakened to the dimension of evolution of individuals and organisations. We recognized that individuals, apart from performance, recognition and progress, also have a deeper aspiration to evolve their fullest self and potential through work. At the organisational level as well, we recognized that apart from scaling up of projects, products, services and profits, organisations also have an interior dimension – the evolution of the quality of their chapter 1 summary to kill a mockingbird people, processes and culture. We felt that work is a means to fulfill purpose and potential. This world view influenced the approach to our recruitment assessments and learning & development solutions.


In recruitment, we focused on facilitating for ‘resonance’ between our client’s job role & culture and the candidate’s competency, potential and aspirations. We deepened our relationship as preferred and long term partners with most of our key clients, hiring talent across all their divisions and functions. We expanded our domain base to include clients in Pharmaceutical, Legal services, Consulting firms, Research and Telecom. We expanded our recruitment add on services to design assessment and evaluation processes; industry and talent mapping.

Learning and Development

We experienced the movement to holistic development solutions. Our focus evolved to enable the Integral Development of individuals. We worked with organisations, individuals, students and teachers to train them to become more self-aware and develop themselves holistically from an inside out approach. Our workshops and experiential labs have been exploring the themes of Self Awareness, Integral Change and Integral Education. We also worked with clients on long term consulting assignments to implement learning and development projects and sustained self-awareness and development.

From 2015

2014 marked the heightened experience of accelerated change both within us and in the larger environment we are a part of. In learning to manage and navigate in the rapid, dynamic, ambiguous and transforming business context we started enquiring deeper into a fundamental question, ‘How do we strengthen our unique and core offering to expand our reach and contribution into the organisational and a institutional sectors’. We sensed that this quest is guiding our evolution for the next few years in both our recruitment and learning and development space.


In recruitment, our choice of focus are clients in banking, financial services, pharmaceutical, shared services, BPO/ KPO, research, consulting, information technology, legal services and start-up organisations. Through a deep resonance with clients we have steadily been evolving our capacity to attract candidates who embody and enrich client’s culture and are a perfect fit to the job requirement and competency.

Learning and Development

From 2015 we moved our learning and development services to more research based approaches. We built a tool called Inner Presence which helps leaders to access their inner resourcefulness to develop required competencies that enable them to excel and be fulfilled in their work and life. In the L & OD space we have been focusing our expertise to work with leaders who are facilitating individual and collective change in their organisations. In our Education services we have added a component of inspired resourceful learning spaces to impart integral education of the mind, vital life force, body and soul. Increasingly our work is evolving to facilitating long term individual and group coaching and interventions that take the organisation to its next orbit.