Arul Dev

Founder CEO

Arul Dev aspires to be a ‘fire that lights’ the depths of human beings and collective organizations. His aim is to live with his ‘natural breath’ and do his conscious practices at work, home and society. He has been sharing his ‘inner work’ through his book ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ published by Auro Publications to leaders, teachers, students, parents and others – to support their inner evolution and outer creative manifestation. He holds a MCLC (Master Certified Leadership Coach) certification from Coach for Life.

He is the Founder CEO of People First Consultants for the last 25 years, guiding the organization to be value-centered providers of L&OD and Talent Hiring services. He heads the Talent Hiring space where the team specializes in enabling clients to grow, by sourcing competent talent who are an asset to the organization’s culture. He drives recruitment excellence for clients in multiple sectors across India. He also anchors and facilitates the various L & OD interventions and coaching services offered by People First for its clients.

He is a guest faculty at IIT Madras for the ‘Self Awareness’ and ‘Self Awareness and Higher Goals in Education’ courses since 2011.

He periodically offers experiential workshops, namely, ‘Coaching with Depth’, ‘Integral Education’, ‘Beyond Schooling’, ‘Conscious Parenting’ ‘Youth Inner Power’, ‘Connecting to Deeper Self’ and ‘Sadhana’ (Conscious Inner Practices). He is one of the key faculty for the certification course on Coaching with Depth, co-certified by IITM and People First. He also coaches resonant few, to be Radiant Universal leaders, coaches, educators and healers.