Beyond Schooling


Beyond Schooling Workshop – 6th – 11th Grade Students (11 – 16 years of age)

Topics- Integral Education | Discovery of Soul’s wisdom and power | Living a life aligned to one’s true nature and purpose


• Children today are developing far greater talents and potentials than their counter parts even 8 years back.
• Their individuality and quest for uniqueness begins around their 6th or 7th standards.
• Until their 10th standard they have a window to discover the beginnings of their life purpose, core nature, natural gifts and talents.
• Around 7th standard onwards as their sexuality comes forward and desires begin to increase, students start getting distracted. Addictions are increasing.
• So two realities are true. Children are perhaps smarter and have far more potentials than yesteryears. At the same time they are challenged by far more distractions, gadgets and doubts than the yesteryears. The greater the potentials the greater are the need to creatively express them. If they do not learn to express their creativity and potentials they fall prey to the increasing distractions, bombardment of gadgets and the world of web.
• If the individuation does not sufficiently happen then the potentials, curiosity and natural interests of a good majority of students hit a plateau in 11th and 12th standards.
• Further in college if the student has not individuated sufficiently to know their life calling, when they enter into a course, they notice their interest is not there. Slowly distractions catch up and there is a decline in their concentration, character, potential and progress.

Thus the formative years of the child upto the 9th or 10th standard is very much crucial for the child to discover the art of self awareness, discover who they are and what they are to do in this world. This gives them lasting and true happiness. Providing this lasting and sustainable happiness to the student is the true purpose of this Beyond Schooling project.

Also within every child is a soul that guides. It knows one’s true purpose and nature. If the child can learn to discover and listen to the whispers of their soul they can find their true life and work calling. This inner search is best started young so that one can lead a life of success, mastery and fulfillment.

Holistic Education Model
Any student in any part of the world or any strata of society has a soul, heart, mind and body. Ideally the education period of the student should also nurture the purification and development of these. External differences of monetary power, reputation of school and quality of teachers do play a significant role in the growth and development of the child. At the same time the inner faculties of the child decide if they do justice to the external opportunities or even overcome external opportunities and holistically thrive as they are developing sound body, connection to earth, dynamic life energies, intellectual superiority and a deeper connection to one’s deeper and universal nature.

In our holistic education work we use an 8 parts of being model that aims at the Integral Development of students. We teach the students to become aware of the 8 parts of their being and coach them to purify, develop and perfect each one of them through experiential exercises covering the mind, energy, emotion, body and soul. We use both left (rational) and right (creative art) based approaches for the same. Below we give you a short summary of the 8 parts of being that we help to develop in our students through our Beyond Schooling Program. This leads to true fulfillment, joy and happiness.

Parts of Being : Physical
Key Learning for Students:
• Body awareness
• Food and body’s energy
• Sports and exercises
• Changing old habits
• Stability of new habits
• Handling stress
• Physical Relaxation
• Meditation

Parts of Being : Sensory Enjoyment
Key Learning for Students:
• Understanding crude senses and aesthetic senses
• Understanding sensory boundaries
• Invoking beauty in physical spaces
• Playfulness
• Being humorous and light hearted in life
• Sensory Acuity
• Connecting to nature
• Pursuing hobbies

Parts of Being : Dynamic Energy
Key Learning for Students:
• Rhythmic Breathing
• Dealing with anger
• Building courage/ Overcoming fear
• Connecting to passion
• Energy in action
• Confident expressions
• Holding ambition
• Building drive and determination

Parts of Being : Emotional Care
Key Learning for Students:
• Listening
• Conflict handling
• Inter personal relationships
• Caring
• Giving
• Togetherness
• Care for environment
• Empathy

Parts of Being : Data Mind
Key Learning for Students:
• Time Management
• Goal Setting
• Prioritizing
• Speaking precisely
• Detailed Oriented
• Accuracy in facts and data
• Memory and Association of known facts
• Knowledge expertise
• Thought rejection

Parts of Being : Creative Mind-Idea Force
Key Learning for Students:
• Visualization
• Imagination
• Going beyond current beliefs
• Creativity
• Creating new thoughts
• Exploring new potentials and possibilities
• Seeding future ideas into the present

Parts of Being : Integrative Mind
Key Learning for Students:
• Connecting thoughts
• Open to others view points
• Understanding key ideas in discussions
• Reflection
• Concentration
• Meaning Making
• Capacity to think ‘Big Picture’
• Culling out essence of life goals and purpose
• Values Clarification

Parts of Being : Deeper Self
Key Learning for Students:
• Unshaken Faith
• Inner Peace and Calmness
• Intuition
• Sensing whispers of soul
• Unconditional Hope and Positivity
• Offering of action for goodness of self and all
• Gratitude
• Sense of Oneness with all Creation


In 1995 Arul Dev founded his startup People First Consultants where he serves as the CEO till date. The vintage contribution of the company has been in the fields of Learning & Development, Coaching, Talent Hiring and fostering Holistic Education. He is the author of the book ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ published by Auro Publications. This is a source book for Self Awareness, Integral Education and Self Leadership.

He coaches leaders who are inspired to intuitively initiate next level changes consistently in their institutions, to enable it to evolve. He is a principal faculty for the ‘Beyond Schooling’ program for children. He is a guest faculty at IIT Madras for the ‘Self Awareness’ course. He is a guest faculty for several colleges in Tamil Nadu and Kerala for the Self Awareness and Integral Education courses for students and teachers. He runs experiential workshops on Sadhana (Inner Practices), Connecting and Living with Deeper Self, Holistic Parenting and Coaching With Depth.

Beyond Schooling – Online Course

For India (non Chennai) and other international students

Dates: First and Second Sunday of every month. (If there would be any date change it would be informed ahead to the registered students)

Timing: 3 pm IST to 4.15 pm IST

Mode: Online. Link will be shared to registered students.

Contribution: Complimentary. This is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility of People First Consultants P Ltd, Chennai, India. Only a copy of the ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ book needs to be purchased by the parents.

It is available on:

To Register: Email us at [email protected]. SMS 9840755049
With the student’s name, standard, school, contact phone number and email address. Also email us the geographical location of the student.

Please register using the following link:

The online program is for non-Chennai students. Chennai students can join our monthly program. Students from any part of India apart from Chennai or any other location of the world can register.

Beyond Schooling – Chennai Program

Half-Day Workshops 
• Every month there will be a half-a-day workshop, on a sunday morning.
• On these topics we will have these sessions running across 2 – 3 years.
• In each monthly workshop session, we will have some old students who are coming reguarly and some new students who may join.
• We will coach old students to share with new students what we have explored in the earlier sessions. This will be a great learning and sharing experience for the old and new students.
• In every session we will explore the topics of soulful living with a sound body, aesthetic sensations, dynamic energy, caring emotions, objective mind, creative vision and holistic thinking. We will keep the center pillars of this work as discovery of life purpose, core nature/qualities and expressions of one’s potentials through goals, sustained efforts and opening to the Grace of the Divine.
• We will also give opportunity for students to showcase their natural talents and potentials so that children inspire each other.
• This long term program will help students to evolve over time, discover their true interests, core nature and nurture their gifts and talents.

Date: Will be announced every month – mostly 2nd sunday of every month.

Timing: 9.30 am to 12.30 noon

Center for Integral Education, People First Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
New.No.5, Old.No.3, Third East Street, Kamaraj Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041.

Contribution: Complimentary. This is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility of People First Consultants P Ltd, Chennai, India.

To Register: Email us at [email protected]. SMS 9840755049
With the student’s name, standard, school, contact phone number and email address.

Kindly use this link to register:
If it is a new student joining we recommend that they meet the facilitator 1:1 before they join the regular Beyond Schooling Program.


Source Book

The source book for our Integral Education and Holistic Development work is ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’, published by Auro Publications.
Do find some reviews about the same in leading newspapers:
The Hindu | Education
Indian Express| Edexlive

The book is available at Amazon:

We recommend that every family sending their children to the Beyond Schooling Program have a copy of the source book ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’, published by Auro Publications.

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