‘Creating Holistic Development Atmosphere’ : A One-Day workshop

Based on the book: Into Great Depth of Your Being, published by Auro Publications, Puducherry

For whom is this workshop?

  • For individuals interested in Self Awareness and Integral Development.
  • For Parents and Teachers who choose to create an inspiring atmosphere at home and class room, that nurtures the consciousness of children and students, enabling them To Evolve.
  • For People Managers, Team Leaders and Organisational Heads who aspire to nurture the Inner Strengths of their team members.

It is not what we say but who we are within and the atmosphere we co-create at home, class room or workplace that directly shapes the consciousness of ourselves and others.

What is the workshop?

We all are made up of 8 parts of our being across our Mind, Life Energy, Physical and Deeper Self. The quality of our being creates our Inner Presence.

The workshop enables you to become aware of:

  • Your Inner Presence and its influence on others.
  • The ambience created in your home, classroom and workplace and its influence on the collective state of being.
  • The parts of being that are naturally developing within yourself and your family, students or colleagues and those that need additional attention and nurturing.
  • Methods of creating holistic development atmosphere in family, learning institutions and organisations.

What are the 8 Parts of Being, experientially explored in this workshop?

  • Physical: Health of the body and stability of conscious habits.
  • Sensory Enjoyment: Transformation of senses to be refined and aesthetic in nature.
  • Dynamic Energy: Circulation of power, energy and money to forward Purpose – thus gaining authentic power.
  • Emotional Care: Tuning within the heart to access deeper listing, care and giving – to contribute to others.
  • Objective Mind: Understanding and freeing oneself from fixed patterns of thinking. Communicating to create the new focus and solution aspired.
  • Idea Force: Imaging manifold ideal solutions in an impersonal way to manifest an idea or vision.
  • Pure Mind: Seeing multiple perspectives and synthesizing them into a cohesive whole.
  • Deeper Self: Connecting to the ‘resonance’ of Inner Guide and opening to Intuition.

Workshop Details

Saturday, 23rd September 2017 

9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

At Aspiration Hall, People First Consultants, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Cost: Rupees 1000 (One thousand only) inclusive of GST. This includes a copy of the ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ book, a pack of InStrengths Insight™ cards, lunch and refreshments.

Facilitator: Arul Dev, Author of the ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ book.

To Register, Email us at: [email protected]

Details of the Book

For more details of book visit:

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