Finding Life Purpose – 2


This is a continuation from the earlier article published…

So Life Purpose consists of two parts:

a. I am … (a being statement) +

b. In order to … (a doing statement)

Let us look at an exercise to experientially find your life purpose.

Being Exercise

Part 1:

  • Think of eight to ten instances from your past when you felt fulfilled, satisfied and life was meaningful.
  • What were some of the qualities that you experienced within you that led to that fulfilment and satisfactory experience?
  • The qualities you are trying to identify are inner qualities that you hold within you.

For example some of the answers that you can write are: Sense of freedom, Need to experiment, Propensity for depth, Intense, Authenticity, Deeply Caring, Driven to excel, Bold, Strength etc.

Part 2:

  • Close your eyes and take a few breaths to centre yourself.
  • Connect to your heart and into your feeling of, ‘I am a unique human being. I am on this earth to fulfil an important purpose.’ Say this a few times to yourself, feeling into it.
  • Then ask yourself, ‘What is my fundamental nature? What is my essential nature? What inner qualities truly represent the true essence of me?’
  • Ask the above question a few times. Every time after asking, wait. There is nothing to think. Just ask the question and wait and see if there is any answer that pops up.
  • Once you get a few inner qualities, take them one by one and experience them fully. Imagine that you are fully filled by your essential inner quality in your heart, mind and body. Imagine that you are fully soaked into these qualities within you.

For example this time you may get some additional qualities: Being connected to the other, Being connected spiritually, Helping others to evolve.

Part 3:

  • Now list down all the inner qualities that you have arrived from part 1 and 2 of this exercise.
  • Take them one by one, connect to the quality and experience the quality right now. The trick is not just to read the qualities but connect into it and experience it. Then ask yourself, ‘When I experience this quality how fulfilled and deeply satisfied I feel on a scale of 1 to 10?’
  • Select the top 3 or 5 inner qualities that really give you meaning and fulfilment and write the same on a new sheet of paper.


Now choose all the contexts of your life where you are a part of and where you want to practice holding your life purpose. This could be your work place, studying place, family, society, country etc.

Now in these contexts, the ‘being’ qualities you have is what you are choosing to fill yourself with, to hold within you, to let it emanate from you. A rose is a rose and a lily is a lily. What we are looking for is the central core inner nature, your inner fragrance, which you are now writing as qualities. You will obviously be experiencing many other states and qualities. But we are trying to identify your most authentic quality states that nourish you. So the first step here is to embody these qualities in your life. The second step is that since these qualities are speaking to you, you also have the opportunity and responsibility to invoke and inspire these qualities in the collective contexts you are a part of.

Doing Exercise

Now when you are filled by your own inner qualities and you are working towards invoking these qualities in the contexts of life you are a part of, then you ask the question, ‘In order to do what?’. This is the doing part. This is the part that asks the question, ‘What is the earthly use of my existence to the contexts I am a part of?’ You ask, ‘By me holding my true nature and these qualities, what solutions, changes or transformation I can bring about in my life, work or learning contexts?’ Step out of your past and truly explore boldly. Ask, ‘If I hold the epitome of these qualities what change can I facilitate?’

Whatever clarity you get write it down as your doing statement of life purpose.

Some examples of answers can be:

  • In order to inspire holistic education in India.
  • In order to support leaders in organisations create a culture where people can find and manifest their purpose, natural strengths and potential.
  • In order to be a family unit that is centred in deep love, care and mutual evolution.

Let the answers here be clear and as specific as possible.

Now put your being and doing statement together to get a sense of your life purpose.

How to practice this on a day to day basis

  • This exercise is not to be done once and forgotten.
  • The being qualities are alive and actually seek to be experienced and radiated by you.
  • The doing part is the most noble calling work that is present for you.
  • Look for the ‘presence’ of you living your life purpose rather than ‘gap hunting’ or looking for the absence.
  • Every day in small or big ways when you live your life purpose acknowledge yourself.


Author: Arul Dev

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