Finding Life Purpose


Life Purpose

Let’s make an attempt to arrive at a very simple way to find our Life Purpose. Life Purpose here is that felt aspiration and inspiration within the heart and the wide, living and enquiring clarity in the mind that is able to sense and cull out what fundamentally one is standing for and evolving towards in life and work. By it’s very nature, life purpose is something that needs to cover the whole of one’s life, work, relationships, endeavours etc.


Clue to find Life Purpose

Looking for the source of resonance and inspiration

The best method is not to use any formula or definition for Life Purpose, but to recognize what really ‘lights up’ people from within and enable them to see and strengthen the same. When someone says something and there is a heightened shift in their ‘energy’ level, our antennae can go up and we can inquire deeper. We are seeking here to find the source of their inspiration and what is truly resonating for them. This could be an indication of their Life Purpose or at least a part of it. The more we look for indications of life purpose and feed it back to others, the more it helps them to recognise -for themselves – what is their life purpose. The more we look for and acknowledge times when we are honouring our life purpose, the more we are strengthening the same within us.

Finding the joyful central reference point

We can ask, ‘What is ‘something’ that is a central reference point for the whole of your life – Something that if it is your central reference point will light up your whole life with joy?’ So the first clue here is to find the central reference point and focus. The second clue is that it should be inspiring and giving great joy and satisfaction.

An example can be shared from my youngest coaching client who is about 13 years old. She met me to find her Life Purpose. I noticed from my first coaching session she lights up whenever she speaks of football. Whenever she talks about studies and other things it is clear she excels in them but when it comes to football something lights up. But when she talks about football there is passion, involvement, joy and her voice lights up even through the phone. In the 3rd coaching call something naturally happened. She made a 3 – 5 year plan and it was all centered around football as the main focus. She plans to get into a university where they train people to get into league football. So really she can then practice and shine as a football player. And with that she also made a plan B, saying that she will give her best for football and even if she misses this goal of being a professional footballer, the university will take care of her career in economics and business as it is a reputed one. So here she has found her passion and made a plan centred around football, and also has a back up plan using her logical mind.

Finding the universal core essence or quality that is nourishing

The next clue for purpose is that it is good to get the universal essence in such a way that it can be applied to all areas of life and work. So when someone says ‘My purpose is to spread love to my family members, to meaningfully contribute to their wants and needs’, we can ask them ‘Ah, your purpose seems to be “to spread love ….. to meaningfully contribute …….”. Now this can be applied to the whole of their life. Then we can ask them if they resonate to the core essence and whether they feel their life will be more fulfilled and meaningful if they really live it and honor it in every walk of their life.

So the clue here is to help people to find that core quality that is nourishing them and which they aspire to bring into the whole of their life and work. This core quality is living, is alive, is seeking to be experienced and shared with others by the very presence of this person.

Finding the context or problem into which one wants to bring unique solution

We are all born with a unique inner nature and natural talents to fulfil our unique purpose in the contexts of life and work. If we experience our life to be challenging; and there are some problems that exist in the life and work contexts we are a part of; and these speak to our heart we should be happy. There could be a good chance that solving some portions of these could be linked to living our life purpose. Finding which context or problem we are going to solve or transform by being our most authentic nature and by bringing our natural talents is part of finding Life Purpose.


Method to Find Life Purpose

Fill in the sentence: I Am ……. (a being statement), in order to ………. (a doing statement)

The ‘I am’ is a ‘being’ statement. These are those universal qualities that really represents who you really are within. When these qualities are present within you life really matters. No matter what challenge is present outside you feel you are yourself and there is great joy and satisfaction. Once you get these qualities, you can write it as a present continuous statement ‘I am ……’

The ‘in order to’ is a ‘doing’ statement. This represents the context you have chosen to be a part of and where you want to bring some progress, evolution, change and solution into it. This represents the breakthrough you can bring into the situation, which however difficult it is, will give you great satisfaction, a sense of purpose and a sense that your day and night is worth living. This is the unique contribution you can make to the environment. This is the benefit your family, institution, organisation, society, county and world gets out of your existence.

To summarise, essentially we are trying to find that context or problem that is talking to our hearts; inspiring us to solve and transform; by being our most authentic nature and utilising our unique natural talents.

Life Purpose is Evolving

Life purpose is evolving. It is not something static that we sense today and we live with that for the rest of our life. Finding and Living  our Life Purpose is an evolving experience and experiment. What ever clue we get now, when we fulfil it, our Life Purpose expands and evolves, and then we can go for our own next level purpose to play in our own unique way.


Author: Arul Dev.

He thanks and acknowledges Peter Reding of Coach for Life for his coaching process which has helped him to refine his work in helping people to find their Life Purpose.

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