‘Tools of the Genius’

A 2-month program for students


Children and young adults are evolving today at a much faster rate than their counter parts even a decade back. By virtue of their rich potentials and capabilities, they yearn to learn new things at a quicker pace. They also want to be versatile, bring forth individuality and interact with the world to encompass new ways of living and working.

‘Tools of the Genius’ is one of the initiatives under our ‘To Evolve’ project for students. Our role in ‘People First’ is to create dynamic learning spaces for students, where their potentials and latent talents can be stimulated and groomed beyond their schools and colleges.

We have been studying exceptional people from all walks of life – curious as to what gives them their intuition, superior intellect, intelligence, creativity, abundance of energy, power or compassion and physical strength to endure. The ‘Tools of the Genius’ program is to share the methods that could enable students to develop and nurture superior qualities to evolve in a versatile manner. From our program, students will be able to absorb these methods according to their aptitude and aspiration.

Key elements of the program

1. Penetrative and identified concentration

2. Learning by a direct process of absorption or osmosis of knowledge

3. Invoking a inner feel corresponding to a particular subject of learning

4. Receiving intuitions beyond current knowledge

5. Visualizing and imaging solutions beyond current beliefs

6. Creating word consciously

7. Expressing personal power, courage and confidence

8. Refining senses to enjoy beauty and rhythm

9. Developing flow of ‘energy’ and strength across the body

10. Connecting to deeper purpose and core values in action

11. Discovering originality & individuality and expressing it in relationships

12. Connecting with goodness, greatness, love and generosity of Universe

Program Framework

The program is experiential and students get to try out the methods taught in the program. To make it easier and help in integrated assimilation, we have these methods taught in parts over a period of six sessions.

– The program will have 6 workshops held over a period of 2 months. All sessions will be in our Aspiration hall in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai on a Saturday or Sunday.

– The 1st session will be for full day and will be compulsory to attend.

– The remaining 5 sessions will be half day in duration and attending at least 4 out of these 5 sessions will be compulsory.

– In additional an optional 1:1 coaching will be provided to address individual needs and aspirations.

Key Facilitator

Arul Dev has been pioneering in the field of teaching and training for 21 years. His unique contributions have been in the fields of

– Integral education and development of one’s being in an integral way

– InStrengths ™ model & profiling to discover one’s inner strengths

– Coaching conscious visionaries.

He is the Founder CEO of People First Consultants, a human resources development and consulting firm. For the last six years, he is a guest faculty for the Self Awareness and Integral Karma Yoga courses at IIT Madras and has supported work on holistic education and development for teachers and students benefitting around 2547 teachers and students over 61 workshops in the last 7 years.

His full profile is available at


1. Student above 9th standard in school and any year of college

2. Has a streak of excellence, passion and success in any of the fields – studies, art, leadership, sports etc.

Cost of the program

Rs.8000 plus service Tax


If you are self-financing yourself, you can contribute partly to the cost and the rest pay back in kind. You can execute a project for People First in our Integral Education, Renaissance in India or Discovering your ‘Inner Swara’ research and initiatives.


Aspiration Hall, People First Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,

New.No.5, Old.No.3, Third East Street, Kamaraj Nagar,

Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041

To Register

Drop us an email to [email protected] or contact Mobile: 9500087824.

Program currently planned between May 2017 and July 2017. We will shortly email the dates of the program.

To know more about our upcoming workshops and calendar, please write to us and we will keep you posted.

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