Development of Inner Presence

Very often, we are asked, so how do I go about accessing and developing my Inner Self. Sometimes it emerges out of a need to develop oneself holistically, or a need to balance the inner resources across different parts or sometimes, our life or work / role provides an impetus to develop our inner capacities. Whichever movement spurs this, there is a certain joy when we experience and access different qualities within us.

One of the fundamental premise of our model and work is that we have the capacity to have all resources. We just access them differently at different points of time. It is good to keep all our inner resources of all parts of our being developed to their fullest potential. This will enable us to call upon their strengths when the situation demands.

    The Joy of Inner Practices

    • The joy of Sadhana has been known across the ages as one of the most potent and effective tools for personal mastery and evolution. Sadhana is dedicated practice, done over a period of time, until one masters what one is practicing and the mastery naturally flows into life and work. And still one often continues the practice life time as it gives great joy just doing the practice masterfully.
    • In our work we are referring to the Sadhana of Inner Practices. These are practices to strengthen our unique natural core strengths and also practices to develop the overall strengths of all parts of our being. Sustained practices done over a period of time bring out the full radiance of our Inner Presence.
    • Given below is a suggested list of practices for each part of being to develop it to its inherent perfection and mastery. We encourage you to use this to come up with your own inner practices that are most suited to your nature and rhythm.
    • Remember, not all Parts of Being need to be developed at the same time. One can choose one or two areas, develop it to some extent, and then place attention on other areas. Sincere and sustained efforts help us to perfect and evolve our Inner Strengths to their optimum best.

Articles and Resources

Integral Development

Below are some of the best methods of developing each part of being. These have emerged through our work over the last eight years.