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Through years of intensive research, our unique InStrengths Individual™ Profiling Tool helps map the quality of your Inner Being. It brings out what is radiating in your Inner Presence and captures inherent strengths accessed by you. Specifically, what the tool maps is a very accurate and precise awareness of eight parts of your inner Being. It does this by bringing awareness and concentration into your inner resource states that qualitatively shapes your outer actions, behaviors and competencies.

InStrengths Individual™ is not just a diagnostic tool or an assessment tool. This is an experiential self-awareness tool which serves as a mirror to your Inner Self – giving you a snapshot of what is going on within you internally. Also, the tool becomes experiential even when you take the tool. We have had so many respondents tell us that the tool itself made them reflect more and had them thinking in ways they had not done in the past about themselves.

Why the inner being approach of Instrengths Individual Tool – you may wonder. When we do our workshops, coaching and education sessions, we find that working with the inner capacities while creating the change on the outside behavior or competency is often more effective and sustainable. Development of a competency is often a function of what goes on within the individual and what one believes are their resources and lack of. A simple often quoted example is – taking up larger responsibilities at work, when combined with one’s own increase of inner courage, care and confidence is more lasting and sustainable – than with one’s prior experiences or skills alone. The tool maps resources of 8 parts of one’s Being across one’s Physical, Vital Life force, Mind and Deeper Self. It throws light on which resources are radiating and which can be enhanced to create the necessary impact in your life and work. 

    Take The Instrengths Individual ™ Tool

    To derive the fullest benefit of this InStrengths™ experience we suggest the following:
    • Take the tool in a space of inner curiosity to discover further insights into your Inner Presence and Strengths.
    • For each resource of each part of Being, experientially connect to it to be self-aware of its nature and strengths within you. From this space of inner awareness, you can indicate your responses required for this tool.
    • Take this tool when you can give yourself some undisturbed time for quiet concentration. You can take the tool at one go as it takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
    • Finally, do this exercise not as a process of self-evaluation but as a joyful process of inner exploration and discovery.

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Conscious Inner Choices

The InStrengths tool increases your capacity for conscious and resourceful choices. Generally, you might be used to exhibiting your choice at the ‘Doing’ level (outer). Our tool helps you to exhibit conscious choice at the ‘Being’ level. It helps you to access the full range and potency of the strengths at your Being level and express it in your Doing level. This is far more powerful, since you are working at the root level of your Inner Presence.

Through the tool and experience – May the nature of your true self and signature strengths be further revealed. May the vast potential that lies within your ‘Being’ space come forth. May the potential to derive deeper fulfillment, meaning at life and work emerge. May your inner radiance shine forth into the world, making the world a better place.