Integral Inner Presence

Our Inner Presence is our state of being. It is the layer within us that influences all our actions, behaviors and outcomes in life. If our Inner Presence is resourceful, aligned and centered then our external manifestations are extraordinary, authentic and inspiring.

Though our Inner Presence is one ‘whole’ state of being it has at least eight distinct parts. To be resourceful at the Inner Presence level we need to be able to become self-aware and develop these parts distinctly.

Our Physical nature comprises of the first part of our being. This is composed of our body and its repetitive process of habit formation.

Our Vital Life Force comprises of the second, third and fourth parts of our being. This is composed of our sensations, energy of power & dynamism and emotions.

Our Mind and its thinking processes comprises of the fifth, sixth and seventh parts of our being. This is composed of the objective, creative and conceptual parts of the mind.

Our Deeper Self is our eighth and the key part of our being. This is composed of our Inner Guidance, Faith & Inner Resonance within. This is also the Transcendent Intuition, Peace and Wisdom beyond normal thinking function.

Our Integral Inner Presence Model gives the knowledge & awareness of all parts of your being. Our InStrengths™ tool helps you to map the quality and degree of resourcefulness of your inner strengths in each part of your being.

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Parts of Being

To better understand each part of being of the ‘Integral Inner Presence’ model, click on each of the boxes below. Best self-awareness and a deeper intuitive understanding emerges when you connect to each part of being within you experientially, as you read about them.