Authentically Enabling Leadership

Over 21 years of expertise in the field of individual development and transformation, we have arrived at our unique approach to leadership development To us:

  • Leadership is not necessarily a function of hierarchy. It is more a function of one’s widened span of identification with the organisation and it resultant urge to act on behalf & in service of the organisation.
  • Self-Leadership is the first step where a leader can be self-aware and create holistic & resourceful changes within oneself to continue evolving. It is also the capacity for the Integral Development of oneself and the capacity for Joyful Manifestation of one’s work.
  • Facilitative Leadership is when the leader can sense the true talents and potentials within others and facilitate their flowering.
  • Authentic Leadership is when the leader can co-create solutions that are nurturing & fulfilling for oneself, team, organisation, vendors and clients.

This is what we at People First mean by leadership development and this is what shapes our work & offerings to individual leaders and organisations who engage with us.

Our Key Focus

Our focus is to transform the capacity of leaders to

Who we work with

We coach, train and empower

Leaders having ‘vision’ and ‘will’ to evolve self, teams and organization.

Change agents, consultants and facilitators from different functions who champion change and lead transformation projects.

Unique Flavor of workshops, coaching and interventions offered


  • Goes beyond conventional tools of power points, videos, role-plays and case studies
  • Includes coaching, dialogue, self-awareness and sensing energy & presence in self & team


  • Triggers insights of how the quality of one’s Inner Presence influences outer actions, behaviors, interactions and results delivered
  • Creates experimentation time to make tiny and aligned inner changes that will give substantial edge in manifestation, implementation and execution

Strengthening Strengths

  • Enables participants to identify their signature strengths, resourcefulness & inspiration and express them at work
  • Enables participants to take up responsibility to discover their team’s signature strengths and bring in visibility and opportunities for them to express the same


  • Triggers holistic understanding and insights
  • Frees one’s will and action
  • Clarifies means to create goals and roles that are fulfilling to self and the organization.
  • Brings greater alignment within self and in the manifested actions outside