Workshop and Intervention Themes

Culture ‘Essencing’, Internalizing and Embedding – Culling out and enabling ‘signature experience’ of the organization.

  • Support organizations to cull out or re-clarify the ‘core essence’ of their culture. This is the ‘signature experience’ that the organization is aspiring to uphold across all levels of the organization and in its interactions with its customers, vendors and the larger community.
  • Coach senior leaders to internalize & uphold the culture as sacred through its expansion phases, mergers & acquisition and growth. Enable them to have ‘clarity & the know-how’ to deepen & honor the ‘core essence’ of their culture and yet evolve the forms of its expressions in tune with the changing business environment, vision and goals.
  • Train key leaders across the organization on the process of invoking and embedding culture at every level & interaction of people, process and delivery of results.
  • Coach leaders to directly sense the pulse of the culture each day, so that they can make the ‘signature experience’ a living reality for themselves and their team members.

Championing change from an inside-out process

  • Enable and coach noble visionary leaders to champion individual and collective evolutionary changes in their organisations
  • Equip leaders to hold an authentic-creative-transformative space in which their teams and organisation can holistically evolve to higher levels

Individual and Team Profiling of Quality of Inner Presence and Signature Core Strengths

  • Becoming aware of the map of one’s Inner Presence
  • Discovering one’s own uniqueness and expressing the core strengths associated with that
  • Consciously working towards creating co-creative spaces where differences in core strengths are celebrated, complimented and thrived upon to create a deeply fulfilling collective experience for teams

Being global centered – developing the global heart and global mind

  • Developing a wide and integrative mind
  • Developing a heart that can connect and unite across borders
  • Exhibiting global competencies cross culturally and virtually
  • Cross-cultural management & influencing beyond authority

The initial context, needs gathering with the client organistion will determine the design and customized intervention approach.

Coaching Journey

The coaching journey is based on the Fulfillment Coaching Model ™ and Triple Loop Coaching Model TM.

These are typically six-month deep-dive coaching journeys (one on one or group) to enable visionaries to discover their true selves, be their true selves and contribute their unique best to evolve their organisations.

The client leads this journey, bringing the agenda of what is most relevant and important for them at work and life. The coach holds an authentic and deep space for reflection, discovery, alignment and meaningful action sustained and progressing over a period of six months. Through authentic, inspiring and powerful questions, the process clarifies and allows one to reflect, discover, strategize and follow through the transformation within oneself and in the collective.