Imparting Integral Education Certification Program 


Our six-month certification program enables Educators to 

    • Become familiar with the Integral Education Model.
    • Sink into, Deep dive and Internalize for themselves.
    • Apply in their educational context – be it with students, peer faculty, administration or authorities.
    • In addition, the certification enables them to teach others and impart Integral Education.

The certification program focuses on 

 Teaching – Learning Process

    • how to shift away from a critical & limitation focused way of teaching to learning that looks for the strengths in the students and supports them to strengthen their strengths.

Enabling Students’ Self-Awareness And Integral Development 

    • Enable Students to discover their life purpose, core values and inner calling.
    • Inspire them to discover their authentic self.
    • Support students to develop the fullest capacities of their mind, life energy, body and soul during the period of education. For this purpose, we would be using the Inner Presence Model which focuses on the total development of the student.

Systemic Influence In Imparting Integral Education 

    • Facilitate a renaissance in the way learning happen in their institutions.
    • Sense and audit how integral and holistic is the current system of education in their institution.

Their Own Integral Development 

    • Understand the difference of being a teacher, guide, facilitator and a coach and being what serves the student best in each situation.
    • This certification program will benefit Principals, HOD, Teachers of schools, colleges, educational institutions from India. Any individual, working with the education sector and passionate about making a difference in imparting education in India, will also find this approach meaningful and applicable.

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As a specialist coach Arul Dev, Founder-CEO of People First, coaches Noble Visionaries who are passionate in creating and building Integral and Inspired educational spaces. He supports them to achieve their goals / dreams for implementing innovative transformational ideas to enrich the learning experience in their institutions. Such support enables these professionals to overcome the challenges of status quo in the system and the lures of current commercial orientation of Education.Arul Dev accomplishes this by inspiring them to expand their focus and commitment to take actions that are in alignment with their values, purpose and natural talents. Such inspiration leads to deep satisfaction and soulful manifestation of their ideas in the educational space they are part of. Each of these coaching engagements will be for a minimum of six months with a regular weekly / fortnightly rhythm to ensure sustained sense of evolution and transformation. These coaching sessions are offered either as individual coaching or as group coaching.