Our Guiding Force


By 2025 Education in India will reclaim its ancient Indian wisdom, integrate its knowledge with the cutting edge global best learning methodologies and offer its inspiring and integral processes to the world. This will facilitate full rounded development of mind, life energy, body and soul of teachers and students. The age-old quest will be answered enabling seekers to tap into wisdom and knowledge that is within and express through one’s calling in life and work.


  • Transform quality of education in the world by empowering noble educational visionaries
  •  To create educational systems and courses to facilitate integral development of teachers and students in terms of soul, mind, life-energy and body.
  • To transform learning atmosphere to be inspiring, focused on the innate resourcefulness, talents and natural gifts of teachers and students.

Who We Work With

Educationalists with passion and will to transform and elevate quality of education in India and the world at large will be ideal beneficiaries of our work. Among others, such inspired educational change creators include heads of Institutions, University & School teachers and educational consultants.

What We Offer

We coach, offer development programs and policy governance guidance that enable educational visionaries to