Coaching Journey

Embark on a deep-dive coaching relationship with our coaches to explore how to be your authentic self and joyfully manifest your life’s work.

The broad theme of our coaching journeys would be

  • Discovery of true self and the unique radiance of one’s ‘Inner Presence’ and
  • Joyfully manifesting one’s true potential and work into the world.

Each of these coaching relationships would be over a six-month period with 1 hour coaching calls approximately every 14 days. The first session alone will be for 2 hours.  In a coaching journey typically the client brings their agenda and our coaches will hold the space for them to discover their potentials and capacities to fulfill it.

This coaching will be based on the Fulfillment Coaching ModelTM ‘Integral Inner Presence’ model where the work will also enable a greater discovery of the client purpose, core values & natural gifts and how they can honor them in life and work. It will also enhance their resonance to the organisation’s purpose, core values & unique value propositions and how they can authentically contribute to it.

We have done similar work with organisations and the details of the same can be provided on request. The goal has been to enable leaders to create a space where they experience greater fulfillment and meaning at work and make their most authentic contribution to their organisation.

Those interested and inspired to enter this coaching journey connect with us at 98407 55049 or email us at [email protected].  The entire coaching journey could be done over phone, Skype or in-person.