Your Inner Wellbeing – For teachers by teachers

Arul Dev & Arthi Kuppuswamy

December 12, 2020 | 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm IST


“Take time for Self Care | Manage your Energy |Build your Inner Resilience and Joy”.

If we speak to any teacher today, we can sense the need for their own inner
charging and resilience as they navigate the current uncertain education
scenario, its demands and modes.

Teacher’s job is challenging enough without the strain of Pandemic. Today a
teacher is expected to work through uncertainty, open oneself to ridicule
and criticism by offering to teach children in their home, come up with
creative solutions to engage the children and all these need to be achieved
through limited resources. And, to top it all they have to do that with a
semblance of normalcy.

Offers simple practices which can be done under 12 minutes every day leading to inner well being. All you need is 90 minutes session to learn the practices and continue the practice for 12 Minutes everyday.

These inner practices will let you
– Generate and Manage your energy
– Promote inner well-being

We will also have a follow up session to help cement the practices or for any clarifications.

FACILITATORS: Arul Dev and Arthi Kuppuswamy (details available in brochure)

INVESTMENT: Rs 400 per participant inclusive of GST.


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