InStrengths Tool to Map Inner Presence


We at People First, invite you to take the InStrengths™ Tool to map your Inner Presence.

What is Inner Presence?

The quality of our competencies, skills, actions and behaviors are actually determined by the quality of our inner state of being, which we refer to as the ‘Inner Presence’. Our Inner Presence is made up of our physical, sensations, energy, emotions, different parts of the mind and the deeper self. Like the bottom part of the ice-berg, the quality of Inner Presence determines the quality of our outer actions and behaviors and the overall quality of our life and living.

In our work, we use a map called ‘Integral Inner Presence’ and a tool called InStrengths™ to map the nature of our Inner Presence. The InStrengths™ tool helps individuals to become aware of the quality of all parts of their being, the strength of their resourcefulness, their true nature of being and their inner strengths. This becomes a tool of self-discovery, radiating one’s inner strengths, integral development and enables creating a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Exploring our InStrengths™ Tool

InStrengths™ tool is not just a diagnostic tool or an assessment tool, but an experiential self-awareness tool, which enables you to experientially access different resourceful states of all parts of your being within you.

If this exploration interests you, do use the link given below to experience our InStrengths™ Tool InStrengths ™tool

Once you take the tool you will receive a complementary report emailed to you that will give you a rich map of your Inner Presence.

We invite you to explore your inner being through this tool.

The Inner Presence Research Team
People First Consultants