Our Focus

Authentically enriching the experience of Client-Candidate interface

To us recruitment is an art. We believe our role is to facilitate amazing experiences in the client-candidate interface. We enable our clients to attract right talent through our holistic hiring and fitment methodologies. We provide a qualitative and delightful experience for aspiring middle and senior level professionals who choose to go through the selection process with our clients.We emphasize on clarity and authenticity to provide adept services by being ethical, honest, consistent and timely. We act as a seamless interface between our clients and potential candidates throughout the entire journey; creating value driven impact which goes beyond sustaining excellence.

Core Expertise

  • Sourcing candidates who work long term with our clients.
  • Ethical and transparent in all our interactions.
  • Holding accountability to our word given to clients.
  • Validating in-depth to gain overview of candidate’s competency, aspiration, values and attitude.
  • Recommending a handful of ‘gems’ to our clients, after thorough sifting, ensuring high hit ratio.

Value We Add To Our Clients

Enabling holistic fitment

  • We ensure multipronged fitment with functional, technical and behaviors competencies needed.
  • We decipher the core values and aspirations of potential candidates and look for congruence with our client organisation’s values, culture, and roles.

Partnering and Branding

  • We represent our clients fully and rightly in terms of their business, requirements, culture and values in the market place so that the right candidates are drawn towards them & and the right information is shared with them.
  • We act as the extended arm of our clients and assume responsibility for end-to-end sourcing, validation and recommendation of a handpicked pool of top talent available in the market.
  • We share the exact details of our client with candidates and take up full responsibility to represent our client to them by addressing their questions thoroughly and meticulously.

Creating long-term goodwill

  • Once the candidates are convinced that is this is the right position for them, only then do we take their candidature forward and completely hand hold them through every interview process, answering all their questions and providing guidance to them throughout the entire process till they join our client organisation.
  • We have been successful in placing candidates who work long term with our clients by contributing significantly to the growth of the organisation and our candidates often feel fulfilled in this process. It is absolutely great joy for us to see that many of our candidates who have been hired with our clients have been working for them over a sustained period of time and have risen now in the hierarchy to even become CXOs of the organisation.
  • We believe in guiding, supporting, motivating and inspiring our candidates to be really truthful to who they are and help them bring out their true self to the organisation.
  • We take pride in the fact that we help both candidates and the clients make informed authentic, clear and well-informed choices which are mutually fulfilling.