Terms and Conditions

All the content, articles, resources and images used in this website have been uniquely created by us and for us to represent the essence of work we are doing. No parts of the website, content, images, tool, resources etc. are to be copied, reproduced or modified without the explicit permission of the organization and authors. If you have a need to use any parts of it, please write to us for permission.

Terms of using ‘Integral Inner Presence’ model and InStrengths™ tool

If you as an individual or an organisation want to use our model or tool, below are our guidelines:

The ‘Integral Inner Presence’ model is copy righted by People First Consultants P Ltd. In case you want to use this model in your work you can write to us. Through permission and orientation, you can use it, without making any changes to the model. The essence and spirit of the model is what we believe needs to be sustained across multiple users.

The InStrengths ™ inner accessing tool is owned by People First Consultants P Ltd. In case you want to use the tool for individual or team profiling for your clients or for your organisation, you can write to us. We will share access for the tool to be administered, run the interpretation reports and provide the same to you. You can then use the ‘Inner Presence’ insights and interpretation in your coaching, training, performance enhancement dialogues and any other developmental interventions.

Terms of using our book ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’

The book ‘Into Great Depth of Your Being’ is offered for your own personal journey.

We highly encourage you to experientially go through the book as a personal transformation tool. You are free to share the book (offered as blogs for you on our website) with others you believe will resonate and benefit from this book. Since the book is an original offering from the author, we seek your cooperation to keep the original essence and content intact. Please do not reproduce or modify any parts of it without explicit permission. Likewise, the images, illustrations, references etc. in the book have been created for the book and for a particular essence. Please do not reproduce or modify the same. If you want to quote or reference any parts of the blogs, please do so by recognizing the author and organization as source of the material with the link to the original source/ our website. If you do want us to experientially walk through the book for a group of interested individuals or as an organization, do write to us, and we are happy to run an experiential session based on the book.

May the highest intention guide our actions and expressions.