People First

What We Do

People Hiring

For your hiring requirements we tap specific markets, geographies and industries from where you could find your most resonant and competent talent. We frame strategies and execute projects end to end from JD crafting, multi-sourcing, holistic validation, strength assessments, interview follow-ups, reference checks and support in smooth onboarding.

We are known for our consistency in hiring people on the basis of deep understanding of pulse of the role (JD), wide and focused market study & search and holistic validation methods of skills, roles, aspiration & culture fitment. 

For your leadership, culture and developmental needs, we solution based on stakeholder aspirations and business priorities. We customise the mode of interventions (workshops, coaching, or retreats), session outlines, learning outcome assessments, follow through strategies and stakeholders support through the life span of the intervention.

Our clients have chosen us for curating customised experiential facilitations, training & workshops, retreats and journeys to augment behavioural, attitude, purpose, culture, leadership and organisational development for over two decades.

Staying future focused in current ever-changing ecosystem is an art.
We make this possible for you by harnessing the power of purpose, potential and practice
in your leaders, teams, and organizational culture.

Why Us

We are a leading people hiring and development consultancy that
integrates purpose, potential and practice to enable individuals, leaders and organizations
across the globe to create extraordinary impact

For business to thrive in an era of constant change and uncertainty, it takes anchoring in a purpose, the core of why the organization exists. We’ll work with you to uncover your organization's deeper purpose, and co-create strategies and goals that increases your team’s sense of meaning and sustained contribution. The core purpose evolves to reveal newer aspects, we support you to consistently be aware and integrate the same to your products and services. We equip you with the right people who can manifest your purpose.

Embedding an experience of safety, belongingness, appreciation, and raising the development bar in individuals and teams is more important than ever. We discover individual aspirations, current capacities, and learning agility in every intervention. We seek alignment of organizational expectations and individual's career journey in every hiring. Our training engagements focus on holistic capacity building – a combination of competency (KSAs) development and tapping the inner potential.

When change is constant it demands a new level of intervention. The knowing to doing gap is becoming the biggest hurdle in delivering meaningful outcomes. We design and implement your hiring and development needs, with focus on individuals to practice more self-awareness, reflection, creative expression. We co-create processes that supports the hiring team become cognizant of the candidate’s holistic capacities. We craft and deliver coaching & training interventions, that induce self-learning, discovery, experience, and continuous progress.

Whether business-as-usual hiring or highly focused transformation,

we balance purpose and practicality in our delivery

and always touch a cord at an individual and process level.


Many organizations have co-created exceptional consulting value by working with us. We have been highly rated by our clients over 28 years for our hiring and development practices.

Our attempt is to collectively uplift the overall people hiring and development space to its next level of evolution, benefitting all who are part of the value chain. We serve clients across the globe and aspire to increase our global footprints.

Together we forward
extraordinary outcomes


For more than 28 years, the consultants of People First have always been encouraged to aspire and hold high goodwill, perfection, and depth in all our projects and deliverables. You will work with highly experienced professionals from various fields of expertise across industries.

We uncover your deeper needs to deliver the aspired outcomes. We are committed to enable professional excellence in delivery, development of unique potentials, honour high values and uphold your Vision-Purpose as our own. We deliver what is best for you in a simple and powerful way.