People First

Are you creating a culture that allows people to thrive?
Work with us to

Are you creating a culture that
allows people to thrive?
Work with us to

Making it Happen for You

We work with you to integrate transformation and growth in your organization DNA, so you can derive business value through people excellence. We coach leaders and inspire the management to invest on their people, so that individuals take ownership for their professional, behavioural, wellbeing and leadership development across levels. You will experience interventions powered by creative solutions, conscious design and sustainable approach.

By combining purpose-led design with practice know-how, we help you build solutions where people are inspired about contributing to the growth and evolution of your products and services. A well-blended, context curated and individual centric approach can promote ownership, learning leaps and sustained progress. You will find us proposing multiple possibilities while solving a problem or working on a new solution. We co-create program designs that support individual transformation, best integrate with your culture, allow your organization vision to evolve and your business to grow.

Coaching & Dialogues
Profiling, 360 Assessments & Reflection Surveys
Dip-ins & Labs
Facilitating Workshops
Retreats &
Facilitating Crucial Meetings

Focus Areas

People First propels our clients towards true progress, nourishing cultures, leadership ladder, motivated teams, sustainable outcomes and measurable deep-impacts.

Clients approach us representing their organization, culture or as a group of individuals looking for transformation or change augmentation solutions. Often they come to us with these kind of challenges to solve:

We augment the already explored solutions, methods and practices of clients with our expertise on inner transformation. To bring change in the work and organization individuals need to hold the vision and, change solutions within themselves and inspire the same in teams. New visions, beliefs, attitudes, strengths and culture qualities need to be experientially explored to be embodied. They also need to be integrated within the roles and next-level skills at work. They need to be expressed out skillfully through communications, actions and results.

The majority of clients come to us due to this blended approach of solutions we give through our interventions – coaching, retreats, facilitation sessions, meetings and dip-in journeys.

Examples of this blended approach:

In a nut-shell our approach can be looked upon as the below processes of facilitating change and transformation at multiple levels of the teams and organization:

Outer progress and Inner change go hand in hand for the journey to be sustainable. Transformation can be a conscious gentle process of flowering or an unconscious meandering turbulent process. It is this choice point that we bring to our clients.
Our approach to customizing the solutions for you:

Why US

Integrated Approach

We link your need back to the BIG picture and redefine it to fulfill the deeper business and culture aspiration.


We set the program direction by defining targeted business, cultural behavioral outcomes with your key stakeholders before the design phase.


We create the most aligned communication strategy throughout the journey considering current, short & long-term impact.


We eliminate resistance and promote engagement. We aim at enhancing awareness of strengths and curating practices that lead to positive inner shifts and productive behaviours


We co-create designs based on what would work the best given your leadership and cultural ethos


We transform strategy and propose processes that sustain your change and development journey

Team / Facilitators

  • Arul Dev

    Head - Mindfulness Tools

    Post his graduation as a Chemical Engineer from BITS PILANI in 1994, Arul Dev discovered his calling...

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  • Shraddha Patel

    Head - Coaching & Collaborations

    Shraddha is a Leadership, Parenting, Idea & Purpose Coach and Design Facilitator. She supports individuals...

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  • Uma Narayanan

    Head - Organizational Development and Group Facilitations

    Dr. Uma is the Director and Lead Anchor for the consulting and talent development verticals which...

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