People First

Succession hiring At People first we support you in

  • Step 1

    Identifying business critical roles

    Mapping mid and senior leadership roles keeping in mind the evolving vision, future market demands, expansion plans and organization ethos.

  • Step 2

    Crafting Ideal Role requirement

    We then co-craft the role of an ideal successor helping you cull out specific functional/technical skills, core attitudes, natural talents, styles of interaction, aspirations and leadership poise the founder/leader needs to hold.

  • Step 3

    Selection Process

    We help you proactively plan the selection process by framing effective processes. We co-reflect with data, insights and intuition if the position is best-filled internally or source great potential by mapping them in the market.

  • Step 4

    Finetuning developmental needs

    We also sensitize the degree of grooming needed and developmental strategies to be put in place.

  • Step 5

    Sourcing Potential for universal talent pool

    Through our hiring experts we tap the market for the potential successors, profile their skills, role competencies, leadership styles, strengths, vision, and aspirations.

  • Step 6

    Onboarding & Integration

    We continue to guide our clients till the auspicious onboarding of the successors.

Our Approach

Honouring diversity, equity and inclusion

We focus on ensuring equal opportunities hiring for leadership roles, ensuring sufficient gender representation ratio at senior leadership and board levels.

Creating a framework, integrating pitfalls of succession

Customizing a solid framework that identifies the current gaps and keeps in mind the evolving vision, future market demands, expansion plans, and organizational ethos.

Synchronizing the new aspirations

With new talents, come new aspirations. Creating and laying a systematic process, factoring the changing aspiration and transitions in identified succession talents.

Preparing your leadership bench

Mapping a dynamic team of leaders, to pave the path of future visions. Sensitizing the degree of grooming needed with developmental coaching strategies.

Being with you in every step of the way

We believe in working with you, for the growth of the leader and the organization. We extend our support till the leader is well integrated into your organization.

Be spoke advisory

We are here to tailor make solutions to be used along the way of engagement. We work at an organization level or at business/ vertical level or for a particular role/position and co-create the solutions to best suit your business needs.


  • Fostering organizational growth when the leader retiring or moving to the next venture. Maintains equilibrium for next gen leaders.
  • Lowering the risk of sudden leadership changes. Making the transition gradual and smooth over time.
  • Setting up clear communication among the key people and aligns with the future business goals.

Defining a right time, may be very subjective. Yet what we recommend is ‘It is better to be prepared, than making hard decisions at an exit point.’

  • Bringing a fresh perspective to the table and also drawing neutral strategies.
  • Objective and precise analysis of the current situation and integration with future impact.
  • Profiling and making a fair judgment on the succession plan & hire.
  • Creating a safe and smooth transitional environment, being mindful of upcoming challenges.
  • We need to hire external talent as a successor – It can be internal or external. Internal lateral movements are motivating and set growth path within the organization. External hiring can bring in new skills, energy, and attitude to open up learning and growth opportunities.
  • It is just for leadership roles – It supports best when planned for
    • critical roles across hierarchy,
    • people managers holding teams of large size or work that is critical to business continuity,
    • roles which require niche skills or talent availability is a challenge,
    • roles which are holding a critical client base, etc.
  • We should only take one person – succession planning works alongside business & organization structure changes. It is a good opportunity to re-look roles, product/function management, business pivots, expansion in geographies and define them differently if/when required.
  • It is needed only as a backup to retirement planning – It is actually a process that helps plan for business continuity & growth.

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