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Evolve your
Collective Vision

If you go and ask one of your team members what job they are doing, in all probability they will describe their role or their tasks. Very few would share the big-picture that you are standing for as an organization or a functional/ across functional team. Amongst this minority, the majority would utter the larger vision, but may not be accessing it as a lived experience during daily work.

Only a minority of the minority would share the big-picture with their eyes, minds and hearts that truly light up every time they access it. It makes a big difference to an organization when more of their team members do their roles and tasks skillfully in a state of felt-connection with the organization’s core vision or idea.  

It is here that People First comes in to support Business, Functional or HR Heads with well researched, deep and realized work of about 3 decades in this area. We help you clarify and re-clarify your Vision and take the vision to every single team member of your organization, across divisions and geographies.

What does vision mean to us

These are the core ideas or underlying purpose or ideals that the collective is standing for underlying their products or services. Vision always is need for a  collective to hold together and work with inspiration and joy. It also ignites the attitude of contribution and a sense of belonging to something larger. However, in the most often compartmentalized work life the leader and their team members could be partially or completely unaware of their own underlying Collective Vision.

When vision is fully conscious it becomes the binding factor guiding the organization. This also supports in the evolution of the product and service. When an organisation and its leaders are largely unware of their underlying vision, the organization tends to become transactional, where growth could be there but evolution is difficult.

To build a joyful and inspiring organization it is imperative to make the vision conscious, share and imbibe it with a critical number of team members. This also helps in making the organization learning and innovating across time.

In a nutshell Vision for us is:

Our Offering

We coach, facilitate and provide an experience for your leaders and team members to

Hit refresh on your Vision or Re-Purpose

Sense the evolving future vision and be open to what is emerging in the present

Provide teams with a felt sense of your Vision – Immersion

Distinguish between Goals, Strategies & Vision

Provide a taste of how Vision flows into Strategy & Daily Actions

Discover Resonance points –
Individual Self & Big-Picture of Organization

Resolve career status quos and
‘what next’ moments at work

Monitor & guide growth of organization, teams, products and services in the light of Vision, Strategy & Goals

Practice joyful invocation of
purpose in every day small actions

We have worked with

Human Resources, Finance, Business Development & Sales, Leadership, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Purchase, Research, Operations, Quality teams and the like through their visioning and re-purposing journeys.

Ecosystems we have offered this to

How we help you explore
your future vision?

The most critical part is to coach and train the leaders to become aware of the vision and its integration as-is and curate practices to seed the future vision into their current solutions, people and process. We facilitate this journey for our clients from the beginning of the discovery phase, through the group facilitated spaces and also during the hand-holding period of six months to one year to integrate and sustain the new.

Looking for discovering and integrating your emerging vision?