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Organization Development & Culture

Culture Building is a co-creative, organic, simultaneous and nourishing process. It takes time. However, being engaged with the process itself is joy and fulfilling. When the aspired culture unfolds, we, our team and our organization would have evolved in the process.

Does your culture speak?

Is nurturing the culture a role of your Leaders?

Not necessarily so. Anyone in the organization can contribute towards creating a nourishing culture. Culture is the center of the organization. It is upheld in a non-hierarchical manner by those who resonate to its essence.

What is Culture work?

Sensing the Culture - Current State

A Culture essence builds up in non-local, non-logical, simultaneous and sudden ways. We can’t control it. We can spot it, focus on it and nurture it. Over time it builds up and lives on its own – like the air we breathe.

Being Aware of Emerging Culture

Culture often unfolds unconsciously in organizations. When it unfolds consciously, we create ‘spaces’ of joy, creativity, safety and comfort.

Participating in Culture Building

Culture resonant individuals need to be psychologically connected to their organization even during conflicts, else they lose their capacity to contribute. Culture is made up of many qualities that resonate to diverse teams.

Invoking Aspired Culture Consciously

A culture quality enhances when someone invokes it through resonance or aspiration. When diverse culture qualities are mutually honoured, Integration unfolds.

Our Approach to Culture Work

Spot ‘essence’ of team cultures

Articulate it impersonally

Invoke it as attitude & behavior

Embed it in work processes

Coach others

Encourage cultural diversity

Facilitate culture integration

Train teams to nourish culture

Culture Solutions

Our Culture Solutions are custom curated to suit your business ethos.

Methodology Used: Based on your needs we assess the ‘as-is’ culture present and aspired through one-to-one interactions, focus group pulse sessions, qualitative questionnaires, dip-in workshops and our own direct sensing. We then help people to imbibe and live aspired aspects of culture by designing and implementing processes and experiences through facilitated retreats, workshops, group or individual coaching sessions.

We support you to become self–aware of what are the energy exchanges, pivot points, underlying work ethos, that flow in your organization. Many a time our clients are not fully conscious of what exactly is their culture and what are its nourishing, mechanical and outdated components. Culture work is a very living process. A culture quality could be in any phase of its unfolding cycle:

Ideally aspired culture qualities should be present in the second or third phases of invoking and being present. The moment it starts moving to its mechanical repetitive modes or disintegrative modes it would be time to enliven the culture quality, enhance and bring the aspiration back for it.

We observe your leaders, teams across levels (focus groups) or all members, to gather a pulse of the culture:

We facilitate and coach you to see with clarity

Many a time culture statements are framed on wall and well forgotten. We coach you to keep the culture work living, meaningful and contributing in simple and subtle ways. We facilitate and support our clients to:

As you integrate the aspired culture by taking tiny actions as you run meetings, processes, business and take decisions, we coach and train you to:

We facilitate and coach you to allow integration of culture qualities over time and support its flow further into work processes:

Looking to create an emerging culture in your organization?