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Talent Engagement

At the heart of talent engagement, is the spirit and need to bond and connect – be it purpose, people, progress or potential.

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If these resonate or are aspects you are looking for – be it as an organization, business or people leader, then reflecting on how we engage talent and what all can be held in this pace and executed will be a useful and meaningful pursuit. We support you to do that with purpose and creativity; structure and spirit; heart and mind; intent and sustained action.

The intent of Talent Engagement is to provide your team with opportunities to:

Research as well our experiences indicate that managers or team leaders are largely responsible for how their team members feel engaged and contribute. When we work on talent engagement, we also serve managers in setting a culture that appreciates, engages as well as stretches them towards higher potential and peak performances. We support people leaders and managers on


    How they can find ways to actively engage with the team members through various touchpoints


    Mechanics and methods to engage the inner capacities and outer behaviours for the team members


    Deeply listen to the career aspirations and provide opportunities for development and career progression


    Find what the team members resonate with in the culture and spark the same.


    Have deeper meaningful conversations that are valued.


    Connect and build a quality relationship with the team member.


    Find what motivates and what is valued by each of the team members.


    Making their one-on-one interactions meaningful and productive.


    Create safe, productive and inclusive spaces and culture.


    Contribute to the joy, wellbeing and creative flow the teams.

Sample Offerings Include:

Our approach is holistic and integrative. While we work with employees and leaders, we also work systemically through culture, processes and initiatives that sustain across levels in the organization in line with their vision and values.

Taking a cue from your organization’s seed idea or vision, market demands & changes, business goals, growth plans and current change initiatives we consult and coach your teams to
  Happiness at work

  • Happy people.
  • Progressive workspaces.
  • Positive culture.

  Stress to Wellbeing - Self & Others

  • Understanding and catching triggers in the moment
  • Working through strategies of managing stress
  • Building resilience and handling emotions
  • Proactively managing wellbeing

  Manager Engagement Toolkit

  • Uncovering engagement/ motivation / retention
  • Building a culture of appreciation
  • Building quality relationships (trust, care and connect)
  • Tapping into zone of creativity and flow

  Facilitating Critical Conversations

  • Catching aspirations + Managing expectations
  • Devising creative opportunities/ Link to development goals
  • Handling feedback/career/ crucial conversations
  • Appreciative Inquiry; open respectful communication
  • Inner preparedness of self and team member
  • Building coaching mindset

  Enabling Career Development

  • Guiding careers; touching aspirations
  • Ensuring successful transitions & collective progress
  • Enabling development - Flexing / using different strategies or methods of development
  • Creating creative joyful productive work opportunities

  Building People Potential for Next Level Growth / Expansion

  • HiPo - Identifying potential & fostering careers
  • High and Consistent Performance
  • Leadership Readiness
  • Unique Talents and Strengths
  • Focused Development – building next level capability
  • Fast Track Career Progress

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