People First


Since the very second of inception of People First in 1995 we have endeavoured to build a consulting firm where we wanted to blend standing for a few core values along with the excellence and growth of the organization’s hiring, development and coaching services. We were very much influenced by books like ‘Built to Last’ and ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins. We have been striving to govern our organization based on insights from these classic works on Organization and Culture building.

We have been bold in holding all dimensions of integrity and transparency while we developed our services against the mirror of market bests. We have pioneered several initiatives and services and these too were born and soared in the soil nourished by our core values.

People First approaches every client’s success objectives as if it were our own. We truly partner with our clients to co-create their objectives, blend with their business and cultural ethos and collaborate to deliver exceptional results and value. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships.


Aligned to Purpose, Vision and Role

For every work we deliver we keep our client’s vision as our central reference point.
We connect to People First’s logo each day as it carries our highest Vision and Aspiration to collectively embody.


Connection, Continuity, Consistency

We co-create solutions with our clients which are built on the foundation of trust and deeper connection.
We consider varied elements of the dynamic ecosystem to offer solutions that inherently holds precision, brings teams together, integrates diversities and stands the test of time.

Cutting Edge

Advancing, Pioneering, New waves

Every day we bring a fresh breath into our daily client engagements.
Every day we aspire to do the work at a new level of competency and mindfulness.
We use immersive and inclusive approaches that shapes current client ecosystems and nudges growth in new and inspiring ways.


Inspiration, Ideation, Innovation

We purse creative approaches advancing our client organization forward.

We embed future-ready ideas, insights and models into our work and solutions.


Holistic, Sustainable, Universal, Long standing

We ensure the creation & offering of solutions that are comprehensive, inclusive, sustainable, equitable, and future-proof.

We anchor developmental initiatives to groom ourselves at consulting, strategizing, executing and holistic fulfilment levels.


Governance, Concurrence, Honouring

We uphold the highest level of stewardship to the clients we serve, championing accountability towards delivering ethical and harmonious outcomes.

We uphold financial, process and people integrity and authenticity.

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