Story of Our Logo Change

On 24th March 2010 People First’s new logo was launched. The journey of how the new logo took form mirrors the inner journey of our organisation.

We reflect back on this journey.

Our Exploration

The Form


was our original logo – a logo for us that represents – people are the prime resources of an organisation.

From 2007 there has been a gradual deepening of our organisation and the services we are offering. To capture the essence of this change symbolically, we felt a need to reflect the journey in our logo as well – capturing our newer philosophies, values and services. Thus began a series of exploration and reflection – leading to our logo today!

Initially, our exploration began through many internal interviews – with us introspecting as to who we are as a organisation and what do we stand for. Then through a series of dialogues with Manoj Pavitran of Auroville, a guide and mentor of People First, we reflected further on what is the underlying connecting thread in all that we do. We uncovered something fundamental to us – we actually work towards nurturing the deeper aspirations of individuals and organisations. We instinctively recognized this as the core essence of People First – we are all about people and their deeper aspirations.

We connected to this and then wanted to create our new logo, symbolically representing deeper aspirations. We then moved into the world of images.

Our first image was a flame that represents deeper aspirations. Through a series of further explorations of ideas and images, we arrived at the image below:


We then contacted Rambal of Rillusion Design Studio to support us in this exploration.

The images below were the first three options that Ram suggested and it would be easy to find out what we chose (given our present logo)


Yes, we chose the third option. We felt that there is something very captivating in this image.

There is an element of delight in it, like a diamond delight. There is more earth, matter, material level order and delight. Also naturally, the image gives a sense of people in it, which we thought can be consciously enhanced or explored a bit more. We also felt that the sense of people in the centre can be enhanced.


Ram began playing around with the image and we saw three more as our potential image. And this time, we really liked option 3.

With a bit of tweaking of proportion, and the addition of our People First, our new logo was born.



Then came the last phase, the interesting part – the colour of the logo. Among many options that Ram suggested we chose the one below, as we felt it brings diversity into the already existing qualities of the logo.


Our New Logo 

For us this is a happy logo that captures the essence of our organisation – It is all about people and their deeper aspirations.

We endeavor to relate to this logo every day so that it becomes a living symbol for us and guides our journey forward.

We owe our gratitude to the people close to us who have been with us, guiding and supporting us. Hope this reading and our logo sparks a deeper journey for you, as it does for us!

Thank you