Upcoming Events

Basic Self Healing Workshop

Healing is intuitive. Tap into the power of healing by being aware of your body vibrations, natural breath and connect to self existent silence within you.

Arul Dev

11, 12. 13 June’21 | 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm IST


‘Coaching with Depth’ Workshop

• Prepare your inner being to be neutral, sense deeper and hold a vast space for your beneficiaries
• Support your beneficiaries to discover their core, tune 8 parts of their inner being and do practices for inner wellbeing & outer excellence.

Dr. Uma Narayanan

June 19th and 20th 2021 - 1.5 days


Sadhana (Inner Practices) – Online Workshop

A greater mastery of our life unfolds when we gain greater awareness and mastery over our thoughts, emotions, sensations, energy, will and body. Arul in this course shares tiny dynamic practices that support you to connect to the depth of your being, correct it’s limitations and bring out the self-existent joy & delight of your Self.

These practices can be done with eyes open alongside daily activities. The course will be experiential and adapted to fulfil the specific needs of the participants.

Arul Dev, Coaching with Depth, Key Facilitator

Begins, Saturday | 19th June 2021